Details for our first event are here: The Writer’s Workshop at T2f (The Second Floor) in Karachi. The month-long Workshop will cater to fiction writers, poets, playwrights (and even bloggers!) as a series of meetups where they will meet other writers and provide as well as receive constructive criticism on their work. The Workshop has been primarily designed to bring writers together as part of a support group that promotes the culture of creative exchange and criticism.




Details for our second event: Zabaan is setting up a readers’ and writers’ booth at the Karachi Tea Festival, in collaboration with T2f! Drop by at Frere Hall from 4th-6th March, 2016, and take part in our community-based activities. The festival aims to celebrate the culture of chai, a hot beverage most Karachiittes cannot function without. With the objective of inspiring people to discover, experience and connect with the adventure of tea, the Tea Festival will allow the revival of Karachi and its rich culture.

Final poster